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3 ton mini crawler crane

Crawler Spider Crane is the new and high- tech product. It is used mainly in narrow place that large crane can’t be reached; It can move on the ground freely, which make operation more convenient and feasible. Even in harsh environments (-40°C or less), it can be operated well too.

Spider crane is widely used in narrow space such as car engine workshop equipment maintenance, electric power maintenance, chemical workshop inspection maintenance, building curtain wall installation, the construction of high-speed rail station, and cemetery stone industry situations. It can also be used for ice breaking in the marine of Russia.

The parameter of 3 ton spider crane:
The engine can be petrol or diesel engine.

Maimum working radius: 8.3m*0.14t

Maximum ground lifting height: 9.2m

Hook speed of winch: 6.5m/min

Rope of winch: D7.7mm*45m

Boom of telescopic system: Full automatic 5 section

Boom length: 2.56m to 8.92m

Telescopic length / time: 6.36m / 26sec

Boom angle / time: 0 to 75 degree per 14sec.

Slew angle / time: 0 to 360 degree per 40 sec. continuous slewing

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