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Triple Purpose Overhead Crane 5~10t

The basic constructure of Triple Purpose Overhead Crane is similar with the Electromagnestismtary Overhead Crane, with detachable magnet disk and electric grab bucket. Different lifting system can be choosen upon requirements. The hook is used to lift entirety article, with a grab bucket, it can be used to take bulk materials, electromagnetic disk can replace the grab bucket, for lifting ferrous metal.
Triple Purpose Overhead Crane is suitable for lifting and conveying frequently changed cargo, and low productivity occasion, it can load and unload in workshop, warehouse and plant
• 1,The direction of walkway door access to the cabin is :end,side and top.
• 2.The lifting capacity includes the dead weight of  electro-magnet or grab .
• 3. When making use of magnet and grab, the rotary parts of the hook must be tightly locked with screws and rotation is not allowed.


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